Fire Detection Services

Fire detection devices can be integrated into your residential security system or installed as a stand-alone system.  Some commercial and residential structures may be required by the local Fire Department to have approved fire detections system.
We can provide combination smoke and heat detectors and what we call rate-of rise heat detectors. 

Most smoke detectors we install are photoelectric type and are powered from the alarm panel’s power supply and backup battery, so you won’t get that low battery beep you might have with standard smoke detectors with back-up 9 volt batteries. Some local fire departments will not respond to a smoke detector activation: That’s why they also include a 135-degree heat sensor that we can wire to every detector to summon the fire department. Check with us on the latest fire department policy for your location.

Rate-of-rise heat detectors are suitable in places where smoke detectors are not such as a kitchen or garage. They will activate if the temperature goes up more than 10 degrees in one minute (thus “rate-of-rise”) as well as the temperature getting to 135 degrees more slowly.

Some houses and many commercial buildings are also required to have a fire sprinkler system and we can monitor those systems for activation.