Low Temperature Sensors:
Know that your home is protected when you are away with a temperature sensing system. The system alerts when the indoor spaces are either below or above a pre-set level. You’ll have early warning of a heating or cooling system failure and can take action before pipes freeze or other damage occurs.
Frozen pipes that burst can cause expensive water damage. Freeze alarms can protect your home and valuables with early detection.

Temperature sensors are useful in spaces like wine cellars and greenhouses where a pre-set temperature range is important to maintain. You’ll get alerted to abnormal conditions in time to take action.

Water Sensors:
Do you have a sump pump that you don’t quite trust? Or are concerned that your crawl space might have water in the spring? Let us install a water sensor that will notify us if water is getting too high. We can then call you or your contacts in order to mitigate the issue before it causes problems.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors:
Carbon monoxide has been called the silent killer. This odorless, colorless gas can be emanate from a faulty heating appliance or rusted exhaust pipe and overwhelm you before you know what is happening. Installing detectors can alert you before the problem gets too serious.

Tests and Inspections:
Regular testing of alarm systems is a prudent habit to have. If you feel uncomfortable testing your alarm system, let us know and our technicians will test every point of protection, test your communication link and backup battery, and make sure everything is in top working order.

New Construction:
Planning on building a new house or commercial building? During construction is the best and most efficient way to install the wiring for an alarm system. We have been working with valley contractors for 37 years and have a strong reputation of being on time and on budget.